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November 27, 2001

From NASA: Ancient Layered Rocks on Mars. As the caption says, "Is this a picture of Mars or Earth?" This is one of the more remarkable pictures I've seen from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft. Give it a look and be sure to follow the links in the caption.

November 20, 2001

From the BBC: "The microbes that 'rule the world' "The Earth's climate may be dependent upon microbes that eat rock beneath the sea floor, according to new research.

Analysing rock samples from under the Atlantic and the Pacific, scientists have seen evidence that microscopic organisms are eating into volcanic rock, leaving worm-like tracks. The microbes alter the chemistry of the rock, allowing it to exchange chemicals and minerals with seawater when they come into contact. The process influences global chemical interactions, such as the carbon cycle which plays a crucial role in the Earth's climate." Cool! More evidence supporting the notion that microbes rule!