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April 08, 2001

Its been a while since I've posted anything, so I thought I would post this from the New York Times: Evolutionists Battle New Theory on Creation. The quote the article "When Kansas school officials restored the theory of evolution to statewide education standards a few weeks ago, biologists might have been inclined to declare victory over creationism.... This time, though, the evolutionists find themselves arrayed not against traditional creationism, with its roots in biblical literalism, but against a more sophisticated idea: the intelligent design theory." I don't know much about intelligent design theory, but I do know that one of the difficulties with Darwinian evolution (at least for me) concerns the origin of life. How did it all arise? The intelligent design folks seem to suggest that even very simple life is too complex to evolve on its own. I'm not so sure. And I certainly have no problem with Darwinian evolution once life has evolved. Read this article for more info.